Broadband for the Rural North. (B4RN)

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Project Status: Pending and has a campaign started

Project Coverage: Not Known

, Lancaster
(Coverage: Partial).

Arkholme-with-Cawood, Lancaster
(Coverage: Pending).

Melling-with-Wrayton, Lancaster
(Coverage: Pending).

Wennington, Lancaster
(Coverage: Pending).

Wray-with-Botton, Lancaster
(Coverage: Pending).

Tatham, Lancaster
(Coverage: Pending).

Roeburndale, Lancaster
(Coverage: Pending).

Caton-with-Littledale, Lancaster
(Coverage: Pending).
Only the Littledale area is in phase 1, with some properties just on the tip of Caton included.

Quernmore, Lancaster
(Coverage: Pending).

Over Wyresdale, Lancaster
(Coverage: Pending).

ISP/Supplier for this project is B4RN

Broadband for the Rural North. (B4RN)

B4RN is a community inintative in the Lune Valley and Forest of Bowland, Lancashire

This is a project being run by the community for their own benefit and the benefit of the generations to come. It will deliver fibre to every home in the eight parishes of Over Wyresdale, Quernmore, Littledale, Roeburndale, Tatham, Wray, Wennington and Arkholme

Contact: hotline

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Broadband for the Rural North. (B4RN)Pending and has a campaign started
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