Wennington Wi-Fi

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Wennington, Lancaster
(Coverage: Pending).


Wennington Wi-Fi

Commercial wifi network providing connectivity over areas outside the village where there is no adsl and very limited mobile. Run by a CIC and volunteers. 2meg shared symmetrical service.

The service has been running since 2005 and has enabled 12 businesses to continue working in a deeply rural area - prior to connection, they were going to have to relocate. Since it started it has doubled in size and is now at capacity (23 hubs) If you live in the area you will see a splash screen if you pick up the connection and full details of how to register. There is more info on the website, and videos of how the network came about, and became the first in the UK to lay and light its own fibre in May 2009.

Website: http://www.wennetcic.co.uk/

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