Norton & Chiselborough Superfast Broadband Group

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Project Status: Pending and has a campaign started

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Chiselborough, South Somerset
(Coverage: Pending).

Norton sub Hamdon, South Somerset
(Coverage: Pending).

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Norton & Chiselborough Superfast Broadband Group

Our goal is to provide both faster BB to our Norton sub Hamdon, Chiselborough, West Chinnock and Middle Chinnock ideally with some competition for our business

We started in February 2012 by evaluating whether to submit an application for a BDUK/DEFRA grant however the rules entailed a non exclusion clause and the demographic area was based on the LSOA for Norton Sub Hamdon which is covered by three BT exchanges. Besides the fact that we could not step up to up-front funding all of the implementation based on the support we had at that time it didn't make sense trying to fibre enable three exchanges. We have now joined forces with Chiselborough and are seeking support from that part of West Chinnock which is also served by the BT Chiselborough exchange. This seems to us a much more meaningful demographic area served by the same exchange. The goals also embrace further inclusion by exploring funding for Wi-Max type wireless solution based on discussions with the Diocese of Bath and Wells to wireless enable church towers to reach harder to reach areas. We have the support of both Norton and Chiselborough Parish Councils and currently have approximately 100 home owners subscribed and are aggressively pushing to grow more. We have already delivered a demo at the Norton & Chiselborough Flower Show last month showing the effect of contention on the Chiselborough exchange when too many subscribers try to consume broadcasts via the internet. We are in the process of arranging a presentation to explain how today's internet enabled TVs (and other devices) can exploit our existing internet connections and have plans to deliver mentoring programs to computing and internet novices to ensure the uninitiated are not excluded.

Contact: Jamie Tracey
Phone: 07973222608
By post: Jasmine Cottage Great Street Norton Sub Hamdon Stoke Sub Hamdon Somerset
TA14 6SG

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