Alphamstone and Lamarsh Community Broadband

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Alphamstone, Braintree

County Broadband Ltd

Alphamstone and Lamarsh Community Broadband

Alphamstone and Lamarsh parishes obtained grant funding and are now Linked to a community wireless broadband network that provides high-speed, high-quality broadband service for the Parish following the efforts of just a few people within the parish canvassing for support.

The Parish Council were a driving force behind the campaign to provide access to a reliable high-speed broadband service. It was agreed that: The need to have high-quality, high-speed access to the internet if not already, soon will be the backbone of modern living and it is something all households should have access to. This service, already taken for granted by many other communities... will significantly benefit the community socially, commercially and domestically. It enables the household to have access to educational facilities, financial information, as well as the savings available and social advantages of using the internet to make phone calls and video calls for free. Thanks to the support of the entire Parish, Alphamstone and Lamarsh now have access to fast, reliable broadband.

Contact: Lloyd Felton
Phone: 01376 562 002
By post: The Old Chapel, 33 Church Street, Coggeshall, Essex